The bands each have a shape to match a brush type. Round, oval, diamond or rectangle. The band comes over the handle, and around the bristles. The band can be left over the bristles for 30 minutes, or the brush can be dropped in a cup of boiling water for about 30 seconds. The hot water softens the bristles.

It turns out that toothbrush bristles like to return to their original shape when in hot water, and with the extra help of Brushbands, it’s really quite incredible how well a brush can be restored.

Once restored, a brush can be reused just as before and once it starts to age again, it can be restored again. We haven’t yet found a brush that couldn’t be restored to better than it was … yet.

Who Would You Want to Restore Their Toothbrushes?

Glenn was amazed at the different opinions of what should be done with old brushes. Many people couldn’t see the reason to justify restoring a brush that would only take a few dollars to replace.

Others would stick with their very aged, not really working brush because they wanted to save money, or were concerned about all the waste from their discarded brushes over time. These people have been excited to get life back in to their old brushes.

Others were discarding their brushes the moment they got a little frayed because they wanted their brushes in top working order to have the best possible brushing experience. These people could really see the benefit in restoring their old brushes too.

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How well do Brushbands Restore Toothbrushes?


Brush Bands return brushes close to new.



Keep applying brush bands to return your toothbrushe’s health again and again


Get in early before they age too much each time for best results


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