Brush Bands rescue and restore toothbrushes

Brush Bands REstore Toothbrushes

Stop throwing out toothbrushes!

You wouldn’t throw away a wrinkled a shirt?
Then stop throwing away worn toothbrushes! Rescue and restore your worn toothbrushes with Brush Bands.

Pack of Purple Brush Bands

There are over 1 billion toothbrushes discarded in the US every year! Creating thousands of
tons of plastic in landfill, oceans, water ways and throughout our environment for generations
to come.

Even when bamboo toothbrushes are discarded, the bamboo breaks down, but the nylon ( plastic ) bristles do not. This will continue to pollute the environment! It has been very hard to be low waste and brush your teeth effectively, until now!

Save money

Save waste

Save the planet

What are Brush Bands?

A simple silicone band, stretched around your old toothbrushes bristles, and dropped in hot water for 90 seconds can restore the lifespan of your
toothbrushes again and again. Saving you money, waste and the environment.

You can order your brush bands to suit the shape of your brush now

Every brush band – Manual and Electric

This pack has a brush band to suit almost all electric and manual brushes. This is the same as buying the electric and the manual value packs

All shapes and sizes – Manual Only

Contains all shapes and sizes to restore most toothbrushes ( except electric ). If you aren’t sure what size and

All shapes and sizes – Electric Round Only

If you have electric toothbrushes then this is the Brush Band for you. This pack will restore small, medium and

Oval pack

Basic pack to support most common brush shape. - Oval. Contains Large, Medium and Small bands in Oval shape

Choose Your Brush Band to suit your Brush.

Our extensive research has shown there are 3 main brush shapes
as well as round for Electric brushes.

If you don’t know your brush shape, run to the bathroom grab your brush and run back. That way you will be able to choose the right brush band and will have done a little bit of exercise. Good for you!

From the top of your brush, look at the shape. Match it to a shape below, and see the correct brush band.

Brush Bands and Brushes in Bathroom

brush Bands Instructions

“Choose a Brush Band that fits your brush. You’ll need a normal toothbrush with plastic bristles. If
you aren’t sure, practise on an old brush, which is what you’ll want to restore anyway.”

The band comes over the handle,
then around the bristles.

The band can be left over the bristles for 30 minutes without hot water, or the brush can be dropped in a cup of boiling water for about 30 seconds. The hot water softens the bristles, allowing the band to reshape them.

 It turns out that toothbrush bristles like to return to their original shape when in hot water, and with the extra help of Extra Brush Life bands, it’s really quite incredible how well a brush can be restored.

Once restored, a brush can be reused just as before and once it starts to age again, it can be restored again. We haven’t yet found a brush that couldn’t be restored to better than it was … yet.

Save Wasted Tooth brushes

Every year the US alone throws out 1 billion brushes. Most of these are plastic and will still be around for 1000 years. Even most bamboo handle brushes have plastic bristles. We have limited space on earth, but a seemingly unlimited capacity to create plastic waste.

Extra Brush Life aims to help you restore your existing toothbrushes saving you and the world waste, but also saving you buying more brushes. We want to start with you, and get to the whole world.

Play Video

Brush band Demonstration How to restore a toothbrush

In this video we show how a Brush Band can restore an old toothbrush to almost new in 90 seconds.

How do I get a brush band and help save the environment and money?

Buy a brush band that suits your brush, or buy the adult set ( round, oval, rectangle and diamond ) to make sure you are covered. Follow our instructions < link to How do Brush Bands work? > and you are good to go.

brush Bands How well do Brush Bands restore a toothbrush?

Brush Bands rarely returns a brush to perfectly new.


The older a brush gets, the further it has to go to be new. Brush bands work amazingly well in restraightening the bristles on the outside of the brush.


These are usually the first to go, so if you have an aged, but not bad hair day looking brush it will come back nicely.


Brush Bands are currently Patent Pending 2021901296 Australia

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